The Nematnejad family has been in the Oriental rug business since the 1890s in the city of Mashhad, in modern day Iran. During the years that followed, the patriarch of the family Seýfullah determined that the future of the rug trade was going to be Europe and together with his wife Hannah decided to emigrate the whole family to Istanbul Turkey in 1929.

Why Turkey? A duty free zone was opening in Eminönü, Istanbul and it was deemed as the perfect gateway for importing rugs from Asia to mainland Europe.

Tragically, Seýfullah passed away in 1955 leaving behind his wife and three sons.

By then, more bonded warehouses opened across Europe, in Zürich (Switzerland); Hamburg (Germany) and London (UK) and in 1959 the family setup operation in London, England and it is in 1966 when Selim moved to London and helped his oldest brother in the family business. Through the growth and the success of the business in London, Selim moved with his family to Zürich and helped expand the business across Europe.

During the next 40 years, the business expanded and the Nematnejad family became the go-to vendor for wholesale Persian (Iranian), Turkish, Chinese, Afghani and Pakistani rugs. They were renowned for supplying the continent with the finer, more rare and better quality rugs.

They were one of the first to introduce silk rugs across Europe and due to their historical ties to Turkey, they became the primary agent for Turkish Silk Hereke rugs.

In 2001, Selim again moved with his family to New York. Together with his children they are bringing their cachet of expertise and taste direct to the consumer and continuing the family history in their journey and involvement in handmade rugs.


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